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Diamond 26.2 Unicorn Ring

Diamond 26.2 Unicorn Ring


She's strong, she's beautiful, she's got a sparkly spike on her head, a genuine diamond in her eye, and 26.2 flowing in her hair. She runs on streets lined with daffodils and she has trained for what seems like forever to get to where she is. She's a beautiful unicorn who's journey continues when she steps on the starting line of the ultimate marathon and shows the world what she is made of. But this is just the beginning, because people like her don't come into the world unnoticed, they inspire the rest of us to be the very best versions of ourselves and cross that finish line alongside the best the world has ever seen.

Looks closely and you'll see the numbers 26.2 hidden in the filigree of the ring, three genuine diamonds on her head, a genuine diamond in her eye, and a fancy yellow diamond in the golden daffodil.

Cast and hand finished in 925 sterling silver dipped in precious rhodium. The flower is plated with 24k gold. This ring is also available in 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, or 14k yellow gold. It is also available in platinum or 18k gold in all three colors, white, yellow, or rose. Genuine diamonds weigh a total of approximately .05ctw.

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